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With the growth of a community, a dynamic, although much often time unnoticed and thought to be static, change occurs where it interpenetrates the natural environment. This natural environment is quite complex and is partly comprised of many animal and vegetative habitats, ecosystems and drainage corridors and all have needs and associations that influence each other. By understanding those needs and the degree of compromising values each can afford, one can begin to create a situation where two very different systems, man's and nature's, can operate harmoniously and in a synergistic balance. It was at this confluence that TXCAMCO emerged.

TXCAMCO - Texas Conservation Community Association Management Company was conceived to manage the interface between master planned residential communities and the natural world. TXCAMCO has bestowed upon itself the responsibility of logically balancing and synchronizing the features of the natural world and the needs of its future inhabitants. The responsibility of managing future neighborhoods and environmentally sensitive reserves is one TXCAMCO holds with great sincerity and in highest solicitude.

TXCAMCO recognized the complexity of such a task and the need for a diversified staff to accomplish such a long-range goal. A working knowledge of land planning, design and construction, project management, land management, resource protection and the sciences of the natural world was a prerequisite. TXCAMCO organized a staff with practical experience in contract administration; resource management, arboriculture, landscape architecture, park planning, erosion and sedimentation control and utilize the consultant services of environmental scientists, rangeland ecologists and biologists.

Since it's conception in August 2002, TXCAMCO has participated in the development and planning process of master planned communities and the management of over 2,905 acres of mixed post oak savannah in Brazos County. These properties include 1,282 acres of land located within the city limits of College Station, Texas presently referred to as Animate Habitat. Two of these properties, The Villages of Indian Lakes and Animate Habitat, represent 93% of the total acreage and both have known populations of Spiranthes parksii, Navasota Ladies'-tresses. The US Fish and Wildlife Service designated the Navasota Ladies'-tresses as endangered in its entire range on May 06, 1982.

During the management and planning of these properties, extensive studies were prepared regarding existing conditions including jurisdictional waterways, topography, archeological reconnaissance, hydrological and geological conditions and endangered species and threatened species. TXCAMCO acknowledges the combined efforts of environmental oriented government agencies and has worked closely with agencies such as Texas Parks and Wildlife, Texas Agricultural Extension Service, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, Texas Department of Public Transportation, National Fish and Wildlife Federation and US Army Corps of Engineers.

TXCAMCO recognizes the long-range benefits to maximize the use of the natural world for both the existing and the future residents to have an environment that delivers a high quality of life through harmonious design and long range planning. Through such a process, a sustainable community can be created that minimizes impacts to both the environment and homeowner maintenance budgets that are not found in manufactured landscapes. Such an approach utilizes the health and vigor of natural ecosystems and unifies the natural systems with the developed environments thus allowing both the future residents and the natural world to coexist harmoniously.

This responsibility and approach are revered by TXCAMCO as our only choice as master planned communities are developed for the next generation and those to follow.

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